April 16, 2013

Some recent fun nail stuff

In order to stop myself from constantly biting and nibbling on my nails, I've been painting them in pretty colours or doing some sort of nail-art on them, so they look too good to bite.
I'm surprised at how well this is working, and it's turning into a bit of an obsession. For example, last night, I applied and re-applied 5 coats of white nail-polish about 4 times till it looked perfect. And then I removed it today again, because I wanted a different colour on them. But right now, my nails look way too pretty to do otherwise.
So here are some recent pictures of the stuff I've been doing to my nails. They've grown a slight bit, so I'm happy as well. Small joys, I suppose.


Teal with black polka dots

How To:
This is so so easy to do. Just paint your nails any colour you want. Since I don't have any fancy nail tools, I had some old black eyeliner with a felt tip that I never use, so I used that to make the dots, I just applied them uniformly and alternately so they looked even and not too random. Some clear coat/top coat and that's it.


Neon tribal nails

How To:
A bit tougher, but still easy. I used a light polish as a base, and on top of that I did zig-zag lines of magenta pink and bright orange acrylic paint. Then added two dots at the bottom where it was empty between the first zig-zag pattern. Top coat and voila. Funky looking nails.


Cherry Blossom nails

How To:
I am SO pleased with how this turned out! I saw a youtube tutorial on this by cutepolish on Youtube and thought it was absolutely adorable. So I thought I'd try it myself. Use a mint/light blue/light green colour as your base. Then, with a black striper (I used my felt-tip liner again), make random strokes resembling branches. Don't make too many if you have short nails like I do. With some light pink and dark pink/red polish, apply dots on the branches. Then going back in with the black, make the stamens (just some tiny lines or dots on the edges of the blossoms to look like the pollen.) Top coat as usual to smooth out the blotchiness and DONE!

Comment below telling me which one you liked best. :) 

April 08, 2013

NOTD ~ Polka Dot Tuxedo.

Here's a quick and easy Nail of the Day.
Forgive a. my reduced-to-practically-nothing-by-my-hamster-teeth nails. There's really no excuse for them. I'm trying to grow them, and I mean it this time, and b. The terrible camera quality. I'm still using any camera I can find, which is mostly the shitty one from my spare Blackberry or the Facetime camera on my Macbook.
The nails just remind me of a polka-dot tuxedo, but one that's pink. And flamboyant. It was super easy to do, I just applied a hot-pink nailpolish (random brand), drew on the dots with a felt-tip eyeliner since I don't really have any nail-art tools, and topped it off with a neon-pink jelly from NYX called Roxy. It's extremely sheer in the first few coats, and really needs to be built up therefore I just applied one coat of it as a top coat, also because it has a slight mother of pearl sheen to it.
The accent nail has a bow and frills at the top.
Tell me what you think! I'm bored therefore I do these things. I promise better posts within a month or two, when college-work isn't killing me and I have my phone back.

March 28, 2013


Started Beachbody's Insanity workout by Shaun T yesterday. Day 2 today. THIS SHIT IS TOUGH! I underestimated it, though I read a buttload of reviews online saying it's the toughest thing out there, put on DVD (there's also P90X but I think Insanity was released first.)

It's only been 2 days and I have extreme muscle pain. I wish I could tell you that I could do all the workouts through and through but unfortunately, I couldn't. It's tough to keep up but it's not tough to stay motivated so let's do this :)